In The Mill Oy is an agile and versatile production company

We offer a wide variety of media services for companies of all sizes and other communities. No project is too small or too big for us, whether it’s quick social media content or the production of an entire TV series.

Video and documentary film production

Our services cover the entire video production process, all the way from pre-production to post-production. Our own camera, lighting and audio equipment and our own post-production equipment enable cost-effective production and flexible schedules for the customer.

Live streaming and multi-camera productions

Live broadcasts and event recordings according to the customer’s needs – from light single-camera implementation up to TV-level multi-camera production. For sure there is a suitable solution for everyone. Live broadcasts have been carried out for companies, associations, educational institutions from various training events, music performances, seminars, etc.

Professional production

Our operations are based on versatile know-how and technical solutions designed for professional use and tested in TV productions.

Broadcast-level equipment

In video production, we mainly rely on the Sony FS7 and FX9 production cameras, which are widely used in TV productions, and enable 4K / HDR productions. In addition to our own productions, our equipment has been used in several reality, documentary, sports and lifestyle productions.

Responsible aerial photography since 2013

Our drone fleet has produced video material for several TV productions and other video productions. In aerial photography, we always comply with aviation regulations, legislation and general safety instructions related to the operation.

Training and consultation

We offer various training and consultation services related to the video production on a customer-specific and customized basis for the needs of companies and associations.

”Just come up with the content and leave the technical implementation of the video production to us”

– Sami Myllys, multi-tasker in the media industry


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